LEADING PEOPLE Is uncertainty the new normal?

LEADING PEOPLE Is uncertainty the new normal?

LEADING PEOPLE Is uncertainty the new normal?

Líder Magazine nº10

LEADING PEOPLE Is uncertainty the new normal?

Organisations were obliged to quickly adapt to remote work, virtual meetings and the necessary development of new communication skill sets.
All this then led to the questioning of work and the need to find new solutions to successful create a labour force which is more adaptable and resilient. And human resource management was then challenged to play a central role in this transition- there never was a better time to work in this field. Human resources who do not focus on this change will not survive. What are the necessary behavioural and social conditions for organisations to successfully adapt to the new culture which places people at the centre of everything they do? And what organisational culture are we constructing?

Leadership Training and Development:

In an increasingly more digital and more uncertain world, training is at the epicentre of great change. If on one hand, companies are increasingly more demanding as to the quality of training, on the other, leaders and managers have assimilated the  “long life learning” strategy. In the face of this new reality, are the schools, universities and training companies becoming corporate mentors and advisors? What road should they take? Are these unique moments for education? How do they envision training in the future? Are schoolrooms now virtual? Are we seeking new ways of educating? What solutions should be on offer?


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