O Mundo está mudar e os Líderes também

O Mundo está mudar e os Líderes também

O Mundo está  mudar e os Líderes também

Líder Magazine nº5

In this special file, we can read contributions on the issue of diversity from the perspective of people management, from the presidents of the two Portuguese associations of reference on this subject, Mário Ceitil and Manuel Sousa Antunes. Here they put forward their position alongside the opinion of Rita Campos e Cunha, professor at Nova SBE, and Pedro Ramos, human resources manager for the TAP Group.

Also in this dossier, we discuss trends and some case studies of success in the field of recruitment and corporate and organisational leader selection. From the sector experts, we set about learning what really matters when we recruit a leader: how do we find the right leader for that team? Is salary an issue? What leadership skills are lacking in the market today? Men or women, who is leading the race for top management? What can go wrong in a recruitment process for a leader? Where and how do we find the best candidates?


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