What leadership lessons do we learn from COVID19?

What leadership lessons do we learn from COVID19?

What leadership lessons do we learn from COVID19?

Líder Magazine nº11

After the storm what will leaders do differently? How will they reorganise their companies and their businesses? Will sustainability become a priority? Aware that there is no other planet Earth for us to inhabit, will leaders focus on their mission with a greater sense of social and environmental responsibility? Will States continue to be united and find a common purpose or will they turn inwards and protect themselves from the unknown? After a socially imposed confinement, will we see a voluntary confinement of States? What unites and what divides the leaders of the post-COVID-19 Future?

The Leading People section focuses on the theme of  “What Leadership Lessons do we learn from COVID-19?”. Leyla Nascimento speaks out on “Leadership: an inconvenient reality”. In an interview, Inês Nascimento (DHR at Schréder Iluminação and Schréder Hyperion) explains how the external lighting company and smart cities want to create more interconnected, alert and humane societies. At a time when it is vital that we know how leaders are going to act, Groundforce, Altice, Lidl Portugal and El Corte Inglés show the way.

It is well known that in times of crisis leaders emerge (or disappear). The article  “After the storm what will leaders do differently?” by Francisco X. Froes leaves us with a set of learning outcomes from interviews carried out with 55  senior leaders/managers in Portugal during the lockdown.

In the feature article Fringe Benefits we read about the cases of Multipessoal and Locarent. And in the HR Assessment feature article we read the testimonial of Ray Human Capital.


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